Google’s Changing The SEO Game Once Again

by / Thursday, 29 October 2015 / Published in Internet, Latest posts, Social Media, Web Site

Today I want to talk to you all about an upcoming change to the way that Google handles its SEO rankings.  That’s right, the big guns in the SEO game are changing the way they choose pages to hit the almighty first page again, so should we be scared or grateful for this upcoming update?

As you know, we here at Accelerated Web Solutions preach a mobile first strategy when it comes to your web design, in this smartphone driven world we live in the mobile web is quickly becoming the most important place to showcase your business.  And adverting on the mobile web is just another tool in your marketing department’s belt that could be earning you a large amount of your profits from the web, but what does this have to do with Google’s upcoming changes?  Google is going to be changing the way that mobile advertising is handled on the web.  Are you going to like this change?  Well that depends, the change only affects pages on mobile devices that use an advertising technique called interstitial advertising.  What that means in plain English is: mobile pages that use full screen ads that pop up over the site when you’re trying to read it are going to be going away.  Mainly the biggest factor as to whether you are going to love or hate this development is if you use this type of advertising.

This is a pretty common experience in using the web on your phone, you open up a browser to read an article while you wait somewhere, you start reading and as you scroll down the page, an annoying ad the size of your whole screen pops up with the x to close it out the size of a pinhead.  You try to close it, but because the x is so small you end up on the advertiser’s webpage or the app store staring at their product/app instead.  This is a pretty frustrating, but regular occurrence.  As of November 1st, Google is going to do their part to try and do away with this type of advertising.  Funnily enough Google have been known to use this form of advertising themselves to push their new inbox app via a whole number of different websites.  That being said, they have promised to actively remove that type of advertising and switch over to the smart banner lay out.


If you are a web page owner who hosts this style of advertising, remove it from your pages before November 1st, otherwise your SEO will really start to plummet!  Not to mention, this style is annoying and your users will thank you for removing it.  The Google team suggests that you move from the interstitial advertising method to a banner method, as it is much less intrusive and is supported by both Chrome’s mobile app and Safari’s.  So, in that case you can have your cake and eat it too, advertisers!  You can still have the eye-catching ad on whatever page you wish and consumers don’t have to feel like they’re being cornered by an angry mob with marketing fliers.


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