The way we design web pages is under a drastic overhaul.  Like many of the major changes that occur within the tech world, Google is at the forefront of this change. They have come up with a new visual language, a set of guidelines that govern the way we should develop websites.  The design specification


Today I want to talk to you all about an upcoming change to the way that Google handles its SEO rankings.  That’s right, the big guns in the SEO game are changing the way they choose pages to hit the almighty first page again, so should we be scared or grateful for this upcoming update?


Now, I know that not all of our readers will be working out of an office or stuck in a chair in front of computers all day, but surely some of you are.  Some of you might even be managers or company presidents tasked with keeping your work force focused and on task.  These days

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Google Glass is the wearable computer that sits right in front of your eyes giving tech fans everywhere a chance to never leave their computers. It was, if Google had it’s way, supposed to become a ubiquitous computer, one where everyone would have access to the Internet/Computing ability at all times. This didn’t happen. Ever

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Falcon 9 Launch

Every month we try and highlight manufacturing companies that have a strong web presence.  We do this as an example so that you can get some tips on how you might want to build your own web presence.  Normally we don’t highlight the big guys, but I wanted to make an exception this week for

social business

The Accelerated Group is forever curious and equally impressed with how manufacturers are using social media. We think the easiest way to show you how you can do it too is to give examples of manufacturing peers that we think are doing a really great job. This time we’re highlighting three Stamping Houses and how

better website features

Sometimes there’s no substitute for doing, getting, or sustaining business with your customers in-person. But other times, and especially in these times – companies that are doing, getting, or sustaining business with customers need another angle. Why? Our recent blog post, Manufacturing Success – The Best Can Be Found With The Click Of A Mouse

Automation GT

This company designs and manufactures custom machines for clients in need of reliable, efficient, and precise automated systems. They’ve been around since 2002 and serve a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, aerospace and defense, automotive and renewable energy. Based in southern California, this relatively ripe company has already developed a reputation for

This is right from the horses’ (buyers’) mouth, so listen up Manufacturers! Dianna Huff and KoMarketing Associates surveyed buyers (ya know, the ones that buy from companies like yours) to see what they do once they get to your website. And with the information they gathered, the 2014 B2B Web Usability Report ~ What B2B


Do you know what content marketing is? Are you thinking to yourself, “I don’t know, sounds pretty boring”? How do you go from “somethin’ somethin’” to content marketing? Bleh!  I’ll give you a hint: Manufacturers are slow to adopt this marketing strategy. It’s not marketing as in “I’m trying to sell you what I produce”.